Two trained Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol workers are available to help with counselling and guidance in the Oodnadatta community. The program also provides the same activities as Drug and Alcohol but with smaller groups of people.

These people have continued to deliver excellent services across program areas, including:
Brief Interventions

  • Drug and Alcohol Street Checks and Check Visits to see how people are.
  • Day Centre Drop ins

Other programmes included:

  • Counselling for clients with co-morbidities, (Substance Misuse/Drug and Alcohol problems plus Mental Health problems).
  • Intense Counselling/individual, family or group
  • Women’s Group –working in closely with Oodnadatta Women’s shed for painting, craft etc.; also day trips to the clay pan or fishing for psycho social education related to harm minimisation of substances. Trips for bush tucker and a fire.
  • Women’s camp at Algebuckina with the Coober Pedy ladies. This included 6 ladies from Oodnadatta, 1 lady from Coober Pedy, Oodnadatta Aged Care, and 2 DAS workers from Oodnadatta and Coober Pedy. Unlike the men who went we caught fish!
  • Men’s Group (Kupa Piti Mamaku) – Camp to Algebuckina, when Bobby Warren brought out car loads of men to the camp held with 14 clients and 8 service providers to discuss the effects of alcohol on the body and strategies of harm minimisation. Men’s trips to the clay pan and bush trips for personal and group education.

Transfers and Referrals to/from:-

  • Working closely with SAPOL and courts regarding client bail and programmes.
  • Fortnightly visits by Drug and Alcohol staff in Coober Pedy.

Community Education

  • Liaison with other Agencies
  • Community Meetings- Close relationship with SAPOL, Oodnadatta Hospital, Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta Aged Care, Oodnadatta Christian Church, Oodnadatta Aboriginal School, Dunjiba Community Council. Monthly Reference Group meetings established to give direction and relevance to programme.

Cannabis Could it be the Ganja?

  • Handing educational program flyers at Oodnadatta Aboriginal School

Other Services Include;

  • Working closely with Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice Mental Health Clinicians and visits by UTHS clinicians to assist male and female clients.
  • Working closely with Oodnadatta Aboriginal School to deliver Seminars to the Upper school on Substance Misuse including Binge Drinking and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.
  • Case management of clients with substance use issues.