Drug & alcohol department

Trained Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol workers, an AASW Social worker and an accredited mental health worker are available to help with counselling. Drug and Alcohol also provide other programs including the breakfast program, young women’s program, fishing group and sewing group. The day centre holds regular activities such as painting, art and wood burning. Other programs include self-esteem group, support group for grief, anger management group and assertiveness skills.

Drug and alcohol staff continue to deliver diverse services across program areas, including:
Brief Interventions

  • Shower Program
  • Breakfast program (Social Inclusion Program)
  • Street Checks
  • Day Centre Drop ins

Self-referred Clients/Court or Other Services referred.

  • Counselling for clients with co-morbidities, (Substance Misuse/Drug and Alcohol problems plus Mental Health problems).
  • Intense Counselling/individual, family or group
  • Women’s Group – Artwork, Dot Painting, Sewing, Hunting, and gardening.
  • Men’s Group (Kupa Piti Mamaku) – Wood Collecting, Hunting and Men’s Business.

Transfers and Referrals to/from:-

  • Emergency or Elective Detox at Coober Pedy Hospital
  • Day Residential Rehabilitation
  • Local Councils, Department of Correctional Services Families S.A, Centrelink, Police, Ambulance Services, Uniting Care Wesley (DVT), CDEP (Bungala), FFFNDivGP.

Community Education

  • Liaison with other Agencies
  • Community Meetings

Health Promotion

Cannabis could it be the Ganja?

  • Handing educational program flyers
  • NCPIC Guidelines

Other Services Include;

  • Holistic intervention Psychologists, Ngangkari’s, Dentists, Podiatrists etc.
  • Work actively with Child and Maternal Health Program to prevent Foetal Alcohol Syndrome babies.
  • Case management of clients with substance use issues.