Bringing them home program

  • Knowing their trauma of the Stolen Generation and Discrimination BTH is committed to trauma and grief and loss counselling to help individuals and families.
  • Putting people in touch with Link Up to help people find their original family and relatives. Through this a Family Reunification can occur. There have been instances of this that has brought real healing to families and individuals.
  • Promoting Awareness of aboriginal history, policies and practices




  • Linkage to other organisations for assistance including Housing, Centrelink, Funeral costs, Financial problems, Domestic Violence and Mental health Issues.
  • SEWB is the entrance point for people who need to see visiting psychiatrists Dr Nigel Cord Udy and Dr Adriana Lattanzio whether through personal appointments or by Tele Psychiatry.
  • SEWB can make contact with Ngangkaris for people needing traditional Healing, their homes cleansed or work places cleansed.
  • SEWB assists people in exercise programmes by setting individual goals and helping people reach them.
  • Social Support
  • Resilience
  • Attitude/Coping Skills